“Knox Artiste encourages users of social networking platforms to upload video”

Want to let the coronavirus pandemic know that you can ‘beat it’? You can now participate in the #RapCorona Challenge and become part of a crowd-sourced music video, thanks to music producer Knox Artiste.

A well-known Dubai-based Indian music producer, rapper, and singer, Knox has taken it upon himself to let the world know humanity will collectively endure the hard times, and come out stronger by kick-starting the #RapCorona Challenge. With a fan following of over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, Knox, best known for his hit tracks Flashup, I’m the One, Botal Khol, and Paisa, has been singing, rapping, songwriting, producing music and making videos on his YouTube Channel for nine years.

What’s the RapCorona
Challenge all about? The RapCorona Challenge, encourages users of social networking TikTok and Instagram to use the audio provided on Knox’s official YouTube Channel – Knox Artiste or use the official RapCorona sound from his official TikTok Page – @iamknoxartiste and upload a video. “Use the audio to make the most creative video in the safety of your home. Use the #RapCorona hashtag and tag @iamknoxartiste so we can find your videos. I plan on featuring the most creative videos for the #RapCorona music video. Obviously, I want people to only send videos from the safety of their homes,” says Knox.

Speaking to City Times, Knox says, “The #RapCorona Challenge involves my friends, fans and social media influencers across online platforms, who have come together to give a simple message through the hook of the song, which roughly translates to us telling the virus that – “We can hit you harder than you’ve hit us.” He adds, “(Also) standing together and spreading awareness to audiences in Dubai and back home that staying home really does work in beating this pandemic.”

“I have two aims with the #RapCorona Challenge. The first one is to keep people entertained – either by making or watching the videos in their homes while they wait for all this to blow over. Also, it can be very frustrating staying home for such an extended period, we need something different to challenge our minds and creativity.”

Knox Artiste

Knox’s second aim is to reach out to people and inform them about how essential it is to stay home during this period. “I have a collective view of over 200 million views on YouTube. With this challenge, I hope more people spread the message that there is nothing more important than staying at home at the moment,” he says.

How did the #RapCorona Challenge come about?
“The idea came to me when I first heard about Covid-19 in February, but I was considering not going through with it as some may find it insensitive. However, my aim is only to spread some semblance of positivity by telling the universe that we as humans can overcome anything. If my music can help put a smile on someone’s face, then that’s enough,” Knox says. “I think music always plays a very important role. It’s a universal language that brings people together. A 3-minute song can have more impact than an hour-long speech,” he feels.

Why TikTok?
The #RapCorona Challenge requires users to submit videos via TikTok and Instagram. When asked if he’s worried over the backlash from using a controversial Chinese app, Knox says, “The reason we went with TikTok was to achieve a higher reach to the audiences that are not active on YouTube and Facebook.” He adds, “Honestly, I’m not worried about any backlash as I’m not the only musician using the app to promote my musical content. I think that TikTok is a very good tool for people to show their creativity in making videos. There have been multiple incidents of ‘user data’ being leveraged by social media platforms that have not come from China.”