My Year

It’s been a roller coaster ride on YouTube for Knox Artiste in 2019. Being based out of Dubai and creating a following of Millions on YouTube can be hard if you’re based out of two places at once.

It started with the very personal track which released on 1st of January 2019. The original rap song – “Chillshot” that was created as a way to move past his creative block and redefine his music that has led him to gain more than 2.3 Million subscribers today with his concept based videos like Ek Order, Rap Order On 1 Beat, Pop VS Unplugged, 1 Song In 9 Styles, The Avengers Rap Anthem and many more!

But the thing that changed the most in 2019 was Knox’s ability to catch the attention of some major brands through his music. It started with Pepsi’s brand new music campaign with international Pop group – Now United’s single featuring Badshah ‘How We Do It’ which was covered by Knox as part of their marketing campaign followed by Pepsi’s second campaign for the year – ‘Har Ghoont Mein Swag’ that created more hype for the artist with the brand.

After that, Knox took it in own hands to choose his brands and work on his original music. He released an original single by the name of – ‘Paisa’ which featured brands like Sobha Realty, RiseUp Properties, Exotic Cars & Occidental Hotels in Dubai, U.A.E.

The concept was so fresh that he managed to convince and lock down these brands as producers of the song while actually filming the video as he asked them for locations, cars and other perks in relation, making his original music video possible. Even though, the concept was tagged “How do you make the most epic rap video without any money!”, he actually managed to make over $2,500 in brand placement in the video.

Then came a time for yet another single which was filmed in attendance of a wedding. A wedding-based rap song for all the grooms – #DulheKiEntry which featured some of Knox’s close friends and family in action through a 3-day wedding in Goa.

Artistes like Naezy, Knox Artiste, Prabh Deep and Ritviz are singing with brands. Unlike jingle-like brief ad copies, these associations lead to complete music videos designed to be hummable, shareable and to be a part of playlists.

As Knox worked on his future releases, he was approached in January 2020 by another brand – Lenskart, to promote their AIR SERIES collection and recreate the music from their TVC – ‘Halka Rakh Yaar’ featuring India’s Biggest YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. Knox did what he does best as he gave a more Pop/ EDM fusion anthem for the brand.

Knox is currently based out of Dubai with his studio and offices in New Delhi. He is currently working on his independent singles and two more brands. His first clothing brand association – Spykar India and yet another project for Pepsi set to release in February 2020.

While he works on his music, Knox is living his dream of performing for his fans across India and around the globe in places like USA, Nepal, Bangkok, Bahrain and many more.

Knox always emphasises that he loves the fact that he gets to make music with optimal creativity as he makes songs for himself and brands on his YouTube Channel.