When Knox Artiste takes the stage, you can rest assured that you’re going to hear music that you did not anticipate from a traditional Singer or Performer.

It’s versatility to a whole new level. A unique blend of genres such as Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Bhangra & Bollywood mixed with electrifying visuals, energetic vocals and witty interactions is what sets a “Knox Artiste Live Performance” apart from the mediocrity of today’s performers. Knox as a Singer, Rap Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Producer, Disc Jockey & Hype MC, always brings something new to the table.


Unlike many of the artists today who stick to a specific genre and hence, are able to cater only to that single genre’s followers or ‘crowd’, Knox as a Singer, Rap Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Producer, Disc Jockey & Hype MC, Knox always brings something new to the table with his extensive music bank containing some of his exclusive covers, bootlegs, mashups, original tracks and the ever so popular ‘Brown Boy Bootlegs’.


Knox has performed in over 300 elite venues around the globe. He travels the globe to entertain his fans in his shows which range from weddings, college events, clubs and even headlines his own concerts.

He has developed his skill as an energetic performer over his 16 year musical career and is known for leaving his audience wanting for more every time!

Over 100 Venues in Dubai

Pacha Ibiza, Armani, Studio F, Boudoir, Cirque Le Soir, Cavalli and many more.

Over 200 Venues in India

Kitty Su, Playboy, Sirkus, Privé, MTV Bollyland (Kolkata), Sao Jao (Goa) and Bollywood Music Project (Mumbai) and many more.

Over 50 Venues in Asia

Centara (Phuket), Galaxy (Macau), Fogo (Macau), Cabana (Macau), Sirocco (Bangkok), Shangri-La (Bangkok), Ruppee St. James (Singapore), Monti (Singapore) and many more.

Over 10 Venues in U.S.A.

Lexicon (New York City), Joes Bar on Weed Street (Chicago), JW Marriot (Florida), Mc’Loones Pier House (New Jersey) and many more.