Knox Artiste is a young musician brought up in Dubai and hails from the city of New Delhi. Backed with more than 14 years of experience in the field of music & entertainment, this all-in-one performer manipulates his technical skills as an audio engineer, his vast knowledge of trending genres and his versatile vocal abilities to create something completely fresh and original for his listeners. He has evolved from a DJ at the age of 14 into one of the most sought after and diverse musicians on YouTube today. Currently, he is working with one of the biggest and popular names in the industry and has had an inspiring journey so far. Let’s know more about him in the interview below.

In a conversation with Knox Artiste

1) When did you discover a singer in you?

​I discovered the singer within myself while I was a DJ and producer back in 2006, I always used to end up being dependent on other vocalists for my tracks, that’s when I started practicing and training my voice. I learnt how to sing by watching Youtube videos and watching other musicians sing.

2) Knox what is music to you?

​Music to me has been my whole identity. People keep asking me what my real name is and I keep telling them that Knox is my name, it’s not just a brand that has been created, it’s a parallel life that I have been living since the last 15 years now. When the real me feels down, Knox is who brings me back up.

3) What struggles did you face in the journey so far?

Well, the music profession is a tough game. Especially now that that the internet has made it so easy for anyone to upload their content. It’s very hard to make yourself known to the right audience. Also, you need to be very patient in this industry.

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4) Knox how do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Usually you get used to handling certain situations after a couple of shows and the fix usually comes out naturally after a certain point.

5) Some of the things you cannot live without?

My phone because it keeps me connected with my fans and friends while I’m traveling and my MacBook because it helps me to work on new Music constantly.

6) Share your live sessions experience at 106.2 BIG FM Dubai?

It was actually a really fun experience. I still remember we kept messing in the studios throughout that session.

7) Knox from where did you got the idea of doing 14 songs on a single beat? And how did you managed to do that?

The idea was actually proposed as a challenge by 106.2 Big FM Dubai and I was pretty excited when the concept was shared with me. The concept was new for me but with help personages like Preeti and Arpit I transformed the concept into reality!

8) Would you like to tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Yes. I’m currently working on a new original song as a follow up to my previous original release ‘Botal Khol’ which was released on T-Series Music with Jasmine Sandlas. We’re actually thinking of doing another session with 106.2 Big FM Dubai very soon on a new beat. Also, I have some covers planned to come out on my YouTube channel before the end of the year. So the fans can expect some new music very soon.